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Order Prints of Your Pooch

Here's your chance to get an 8x10" print of your pooch and help Clarendon Dogs at the same time!

Most of the images on this site are capable of producing satisfactory 4x6" prints, and we welcome you to download and print your own copies. But we also have higher resolution versions of these images that will produce excellent 8x10" prints. Now you can order a print of any image on the site. And, since all proceeds other than materials go to Clarendon Dogs, you will be helping with the care and improvement of the 13th Street Park and with our efforts to promote its official designation as a Community Canine Area.

Here are your options:

  • Print Only. Order an 8 x 10" print of any image on the web site for a $10 minimum contribution.

  • Print plus High-Res Image Files. Order an 8 x 10" print plus the high resolution image file for a $15 minimum contribution. Plus, we often have additional images of your pooch from the same shoot which are just as good, or nearly as good as the one chosen for the web site. We will provide the additional images (high resolution), if any, at no extra charge with your order. What a deal!

To order, please send an email to ClarendonDogs-owner@yahoogroups.com. Be sure to include an email address or phone number. We will contact you with further instructions.


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