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2005 Neighborhoods Day Parade

The Clarendon Dog Truck

John (with Riley) and Laurel (with Inca) carry the ClarendonDogs.org banner

Janet (left) and Maureen of Arlington Dogs lead the way

Some rode...

Taylor rides in the truck (human Peter drives)

Romeo and Juliette ride in their basket (Marie and son Joe do the pushing, perhaps...)

Most walked

Eli and Buddy (...pulling housemates Romeo and Juliette?)

Inca (walked by John)

Droopy (walked by Kathleen)

Tula (walked by Joyce)

Riley (walked by Laurel)

All got thirsty...

Watson cops a drink (leaving his human's Wes and Lindsey hot and dry)

and some got loved

Droopy scores some petting from a fan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cute and fun dog parade.
Signed by One of Inca's grandma and grampas (Inca's Illinois family. Inca says "I would rather be chasing deer!"

9:57 AM


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